Better Reports - Locations

7. Comparing two date ranges

To compare two date ranges, go to the Range Selection dropdown (top right) and then select your comparison range. Among the options are:

  • Last Period – Same time range but for the previous period. For example, if 7 Day is selected, it would be the previous 7 days
  • Last Year – Comparing against the same period of time but for the previous year
  • Custom – This will prompt two date boxes for custom dates

Click the go button to fetch the data.



If the location has a map, the report will show two maps, the one on the left (blue) will correspond to the original range, and so the one on the right (green) will represent the comparison range.



For all metrics or segments, a percetage and visual aids (arrows) will reflect the difference between the comparison ranges.  But the totals for each segment will also be show, below.



The main table will also show the comparison between the date ranges. Fo each segment, the top value will be the value for the original range, and below it the comparison range. Below these two values a comparison percentage will reflect the difference between the ranges for this particular location and segment.


Best sellers

Same goes for best sellers, two sets of tables and pie charts will be shown. The one in the top will be for the original range and below it for the comparison range.