Better Reports - Locations

5. Main Table and dimensions

Better Reports Locations - Main Table

The main table will show 5 basic columns with the chance of adding 5 optionals.

Location, Gross Sales, Net Sales, Item Count and Order Count are fixed columns. Refunds, Shipping, Coupons, Tax and Shipping Tax are optional. This can be set in the Settings page.

The location column has the name of the location, and also the link to it. Also, two more actions are added here: Orders and View. View just take you to the location as if the location name was clicked. But the Orders link will take you to the orders of that specific location.

The grayed percentage next to the values is the contributing percentage of that particular location to the total amount or count. For instance, in the above image we have the United States with $4,255.70 (35.0%) this means that the United States contributed with a 35% of the gross sales for the selected period.


All columns are sortable, this means you can sort any Segment in a descending or ascending order. Click on the column header or footer.


Dimensions reveal a new layer of information in your table. For instance, while at the World level, it allows to view, apart from the countries list, the states or the cities. This means that you can see to which states or cities around the world sales were done for the selected time period.

The same applies while in country level. It will allow to see the city breakdown for that country.

The export button will be mentioned in section 8. Refreshing and exporting data.