Better Reports - Comparison

4. Working With The Line Chart


There are a number of Line Chart options. Covered in this article are:

  • Selection and Zooming
  • Tooltips
  • Showing/hiding area checkbox
  • Update button

Selection and Zooming – Within the Line Chart you can make a selection of a portion of the same to zoom in. You can view the data closely if it is too cluttered. Tooltips will work even if you zoom in. To zoom out, just click anywhere in the graph.

Tooltips – Hovering the data points in the chart will show useful information. The data shown refers to the date, the value (of the segment) and the name of the Product or Category. For example, May, 2015 – My Product Name – 100$.

Showing / hiding area – This is a checkbox that show or hide the colored area underneath the lines.

Update button – If while working on with the report new sales come in, or if some sales are not showing. Clicking the Update button will refresh the data.